925 sterling silver

Gemstone : 

Baroque pearl 

Pearl size:3.8mm-4.1mm

Measurement: 36cm +5cm
Description :

The baroque pearl necklace, with its vintage vibe and versatile two-way wearing, is a must-have piece to elevate your daily look.

About the quality of the pearl - Read before buy: 

The pearls have different shapes and sizes. They exhibit varied grain patterns and natural structures.Each pearl is unique, with its own non-round shape and textured surface.Those pearl are not defect and we don't accept return or exchange for the quality of the pearl.

We choose the best quality pearls within affordable price for all the customers.

We offer free international shipping for shop over $600HKD. 

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

(The delivery time may delay in your country due to COVID-19)

Especially USA, Japan, Korea, Australia 

Country Delivery time 
Hong Kong  ( Domestic)
7 days
Macau  7 days
Taiwan 7-10days
Singapore 7-14days
Japan 7-14days
USA 10-14days
Korea 7-14days
UK 10-14days
Australia  7-14days


  • If you have a rush order, please Contact Us to see if we can arrange for you.
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1) Keep your jewelry out of soap and water, away from oils, perfumes

2) Remove before showering, swimming, working out, etc.

3) After each wear give your jewelry a quick wipe with a gentle cloth to remove lingering oils, or moisture.

4) Store in our jewellery box  



Please read the blog post  for details Jewellery Care.


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