Material: 925 sterling silver 
Measurements: Length: 18 inch (longest) (adjustable)
Gemstone: Moonstone 


This beautiful cloud-shaped necklace, crafted from precious moonstone, represents the boundless hope and dreams you hold dear. Let it be a daily reminder to chase your dreams and never lose sight of hope. The iridescent gem sparkles like the stars, guiding you towards a brighter future. This necklace is a symbol of your aspirations and a constant source of inspiration.

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Especially USA, Japan, Korea, Australia 

Country Delivery time 
Hong Kong  ( Domestic)
7 days
Macau  7 days
Taiwan 7-10days
Singapore 7-14days
Japan 7-14days
USA 10-14days
Korea 7-14days
UK 10-14days
Australia  7-14days


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1) Keep your jewelry out of soap and water, away from oils, perfumes

2) Remove before showering, swimming, working out, etc.

3) After each wear give your jewelry a quick wipe with a gentle cloth to remove lingering oils, or moisture.

4) Store in our jewellery box  



Please read the blog post  for details Jewellery Care.


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