About the collection ‘breathe in , breathe out’ 
This is the story start from one night.


When I was sitting in front of the computer watching Netflix as usual, 
something caught my eye. The whole series of animation talking about ‘meditation’ and how they can actually benefit to your actual life. I was down and little depress and that moment and I think maybe this could help me figure out something.


The whole meditation process are easy, the only thing you need to focus on is your breath. ‘breathe in gently , and breathe out smoothly’ . When you are doing this, many of the amazing images start to flow. I can saw the blue sky, and my body could fly to whatever I wanted. I started to feel grateful about the things I have, I believe the world is beautiful at most of the time. And then, I started to sketch.


I hope all my design can bring you the joyful spirit and show you the beautiful view from my imagination and let you related to your real life. The best thing you have is the simple things that surround by your side.


Behind the scene: 

Hope you guys love it <3