Chapter 2 – Pale Blue Dot by Dreamnicker


Chapter 2, Pale Blue Dot 
A picture of Earth took by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometres on February 14, 1990. Our earth appear in a pale blue colour and later named the photograph as Pale Blue Dot.
This chapter is inspired by the mother earth. The beautiful planet we live. What is the last time you ever look up the sky and feel the fresh air. What is the last time you get in touch with ocean, listen the sound of the nature. Sometime it is ok to slow down your pace, to enjoy what is the nature gives you.
I hope this collection reminds you the most beautiful things is usually something simple around you. Maybe a kiss from lover, or a late night friends call, or even a nice breakfast in the morning. <3


---Something fun behind the scene---

Fact 1 : This time we shoot at home studio in a tiny small space which you can see I bought a lot of white fabric for backdrop. Mostly using the sunlight rather than standard studio light.

Fact 2 : I took all the pictures on my own with my only camera! This is my first time to take picture for a model and i am pretty nervous at the first place.

This is the result:

I hope you guys love it :D